December 4, 2021
  |  7 p.m. EST

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Join the Jewish community of Poland and see how they celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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Woman in red glasses and striped blouse lights a menorah in Poland while six other people watch.

szczęśliwa chanuka

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Join our celebration and welcome Chanukah with some very special guests.

Marta Saracyn

Marta Saracyn

JCC Warsaw’s Program & Communications Director

Marta Saracyn, JCC Warsaw’s Program & Communications Director (& JCC Warsaw Foundation Board Member), is a sociologist by training but an educator by choice. In addition to her master’s degree in sociology, she also graduated from the Jewish Studies department at the University of Wrocław, Poland. Marta has been involved in Jewish non-formal education for nearly two decades. Marta loves chocolate, roller blading and dogs (yes, she’s that person).

From the Baal Shem Tov to the Jewish Enlightenment, Poland has been a global center of Jewish life for more than 1,000 years.

It’s hard to imagine Jewish Europe without Jewish Poland. Both the Holocaust and Communist religious repression devastated Jewish life. But today, Poland is home to a powerful Jewish revival. From Warsaw to Krakow to Lodz, Jews are rediscovering their past and building a future that is passionate, dynamic, and integral to their lives.

We’re proud to cultivate a Jewish future in Poland. Across the country, we support educational and leadership initiatives for Jewish youth, and in recent years, we launched the JCC Warsaw, a hub of Jewish life for community members of all ages.

This Chanukah, we celebrate the miracle of Polish Jews — a people who rose from the ashes of history to create a Jewish future all their own.

A Taste of Poland

Maria’s Chanukah Donuts
Maria Kos
Maria Kos

Former Director of Programming for Children and Families at JCC Warsaw

Maria’s Chanukah Donuts

8 Nights. 8 Locations.

Celebrate with Jewish communities in New York City, Morocco, Ukraine, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Poland, and Latin America.

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