November 29, 2021
  |  7 p.m. EST

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Join the Jewish community of Morocco and see how they celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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Eleven children light a large blue and white menorah on the second night of Chanukah on the steps of a synagogue in Morocco.

حانوكا سعيد

joyeux ‘Hanoucca

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Join our celebration and welcome Chanukah with some very special guests.

Dorith Benmoha

Dorith Benmoha

JDC Coordinator, Morocco

A passionate and lifelong member of Morocco’s Jewish community, Dorith Benmoha has worked with JDC her entire adult life, recently celebrating her 40th anniversary becoming a Jointnik. Benmoha now serves as a coordinator for the Moroccan Jewish community, where she works with local Jewish schools, facilitates elderly care, and helps coordinate the JDC-supported Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (OSE) medical clinic. She is also the proud mother of two children – both born, raised, and educated in Morocco.

Moroccan Jewish life is a story of hope and endurance.

Jews have been an integral part of the country for centuries. Whether fleeing the Spanish Inquisition or the violence of World War II, many Jews have found refuge in Morocco, and though it’s smaller than it once was, this passionate and vibrant community in the Arab world thrives.

We’re proud to partner with the Moroccan Jewish community. JDC began operating in Morocco more than 70 years ago, providing food, medical care, and vocational training to Jewish refugees escaping Nazi persecution. Today, we continue to work with the community to care for elderly and impoverished Jews and invest in cultural and educational programs for community members of all ages.

This Chanukah, we celebrate the miracle that is the Moroccan Jewish community — the small, but mighty kindlers of the flames of Jewish life.

A Taste of Morocco

Marcelle’s Sfenj
Marcelle Azoulay
Marcelle Azoulay

Jewish community member in Casablanca, Morocco

Marcelle’s Sfenj

8 Nights. 8 Locations.

Celebrate with Jewish communities in New York City, Morocco, Ukraine, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Poland, and Latin America.

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