December 3, 2021
  |  3 p.m. EST

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Join our JDC team in Israel and see how they celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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A bearded man plays acoustic guitar with three other people in front of a menorah, two lit candles, a glass of wine, and plate of donuts.

חנוכה שמח

حانوكا سعيد

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Our Host

Join our celebration and welcome Chanukah with some very special guests.

Avital Elfant Filler

Avital Elfant Filler

Community Development and Partnership Manager, Hackaveret

Avital Elfant Filler, community development and partnership manager at Hackaveret, dedicates her time towards cultivating and building a thriving Social Innovation Ecosystem.

Born and raised in Israel, Avital studied Business and International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received her M.A in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

She has spent many years working in informal education and the building of young professional leadership. She spent time at the Supreme Court, in several projects at the Jewish Agency, as the Central Shlicha of the Conservative Youth Movement in the USA, and as the Educational Project Manager of Masa Israel Journey.

Avital joined JDC to fulfill her vision to develop and implement social innovation and entrepreneurship in order to improve the lives of under-privileged populations throughout Israel and the world.

Avital lives in Tzur Hadassa (Jerusalem Mountain area), with her husband Yigael, a musician and actor, and her 3 daughters.

Israel is a dynamic nation at the intersection of Jewish history, religion, and culture.

And since its founding in 1948, Israel has balanced its ancient past with its inspiring future as a hub of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

We’re proud to create opportunity for all Israelis. JDC was founded in 1914 to stave off hunger among Jews living in Ottoman Palestine, caught in the throes of World War I, and since then has continued to aid the most vulnerable populations. Today, JDC develops cutting-edge social programs for all Israelis. From economic empowerment for Israeli Arabs and Haredi Jews to fostering independence among people with disabilities to breaking cycles of poverty among at-risk families, JDC works to lift the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable.

This Chanukah, we celebrate the miracle of Israel.

A Taste of Israel

Shlomit’s Sufganiyot
Shlomit Rosenfeld
Shlomit Rosenfeld

Jerusalem native and JDC senior development associate

Shlomit’s Sufganiyot

8 Nights. 8 Locations.

Celebrate with Jewish communities in New York City, Morocco, Ukraine, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Poland, and Latin America.

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United Arab Emirates

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Latin America

December 5, 2021  |  7 p.m. EST

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