December 1, 2021
  |  7 p.m. EST

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Join the Jewish community of Estonia and see how they celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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Eight elderly women in Tallinn, Estonia, surround a table with a blue tablecloth and a menorah.

счастливой хануки

and õnnelik hanuka

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Join our celebration and welcome Chanukah with some very special guests.

Irina Shlick

Irina Shlick

Senior Program Manager, JCC Tallinn

Irina Shlick has been with the JCC Tallinn since September 2012 working and assisting in many roles. In her current role as a JCC social media specialist and senior program manager she is responsible for working closely with new and existing partnership organizations and foundations, as well as searching the international market for new opportunities for cooperation. She is a part of the team that creates JCC social media content and educational materials, as well as part of the team that develops and runs big gatherings and holiday events.

Prior to joining JCC Tallinn, Irina was a Youth Center director in the Riga Jewish community where she successfully built and trained a team of young leaders and volunteers, as well as being Baltic Jewish Summer camp director for a few years in a row. While building a strong Baltic core team for Olameinu camp, she was a part of different international projects like Szarvas camp, Buncher leadership training program and Yesod Professional development initiative.

Irina is currently studying in Bar Ilan University in Jewish Educator’s track. She enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her husband (whom she met at the Buncher Leadership seminar) and two children. In addition to her work at the JCC she is a board member and volunteer in Limmud Baltics organization.

Estonia’s Jewish story is a tale of rebirth in the face of near extermination.

Though Estonia has been a home to Jews for many years, Nazi terror and Soviet repression almost annihilated its entire Jewish community. When the Soviet Union collapsed, courageous Estonian Jews worked hard to ensure their community would emerge from the shadow of its history to guarantee a vibrant Jewish revival. Today, Estonian Jews continue to build a bright Jewish future on the banks of the Baltic Sea.

We are proud to be their partners. In Tallinn and across the country, we help provide lifesaving assistance to elderly, vulnerable Jews. We also support Tallinn’s Jewish Community Center (JCC), which offers a vast array of social, religious, and cultural programs.

This Chanukah, we celebrate the miracle of Estonian Jews — a community that is flourishing, open, and proud.

A Taste of Estonia

Zucchini Latkes and Za’atar Sour Cream
Danielle Chaimovitz-Basok
Danielle Chaimovitz-Basok

Jewish educator in Estonia and Kaplan Leadership Initiative Fellow

Zucchini Latkes and Za’atar Sour Cream

8 Nights. 8 Locations.

Celebrate with Jewish communities in New York City, Morocco, Ukraine, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Poland, and Latin America.

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